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Lowrider magazine special edition Ghost Rider cover


So apparently, writer Felipe Smith and editor in chief Axel Alonso will be featured in an interview on Lowrider Magazine. It also will have artwork by Felipe Smith on the cover.
Marvelous Mayhem
Inside of the magazine will be a cover story of “Marvelous Mayhem,” which showcases the new character. The magazine also includes an interview from Marvel’s Editor in Chief Axel Alonso & “All-NEW” Ghost Rider writer Felipe Smith.Nuke The Fridge

Robbie Reyes is Zayan Malik?


Here’s an interesting “Did you know” fact about the latest Ghost Rider main character fact. Robbie Reyes features were based on one of the boy band signers from One Direction Zayan Malik. I actually know nothing about this artist but apparently it could have been for targeting a younger audience to pick up the series. But I just feel that’s the wrong demography of audience they believe would pick up comic books or am I wrong? You could read more about it over at the Inquisitr about this topic.

Zayn Malik

Cooking with Ghost Rider


I found a video about a group of friends who are trying out a hot sauce bottle called the Danny Cash’s Ghost Rider. I would love to try out this sauce, even thought I’m not a big fan of spicy dishes this got my curiosity. However, the comment in the video about tasting like acid’s got me a little nervous. The video was found over That Guy with the glasses website.
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Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance panel at the NYCC


For those who are going to the New York comic-con convention this year and love Ghost Rider, will have the joy of seeing the duo directers at a panel this year.

The Aceshowbiz website as the news and you can find the info in all of the other comic book websites also.

It has been confirmed that Columbia Pictures will bring along directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor to present ‘Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance’ at a panel.

Collider has a 1 on 1 with Director Brian Taylor


Over at the Collider website, blogger Steve Weintraub posted an interview with one of the directors from the Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance sequel. Basing my opinion on this video interview and the comic-con interview, Brian Taylor seems like a great guy to have a conversation with over some beers. Mark Neveldine, not so much.

In the video, Weintraub asks questions about how it was working with restriction in filming for 3D, the time length of the sequel, Idris Elba’s performance, the passing of the movie, deleted scenes and much more. Read more »