• Real Name: Linda Littletrees
  • Identity: Secret
  • Occupation: Owner of a Diner
  • Citizenship: Apache Nation
  • Place of Birth: U.S.A.
  • Known Relatives: Snake Dance (father), Sam Silvercloud (ex-husband), son
  • Education: College Student
  • Eyes: Light blue
  • Hair: Black
  • Powers: Manipulates hellfire, can project’s her thoughts on air
  • First Appearance: Marvel Spotlight Vol. 1 No. 10, June, 1973

The coming of… Witch-Woman
Linda Littletrees was returning to the Apache reservation from an all girl college, when she found her boyfriend Sam Silvercloud and an angry crowd about to hang her father Snake-Dance to a tree. Her people were angry at the Americans for taking their land, so they desperately turned to Snake-Dance, an old shaman medicine doctor who promised to get their land back by sacrificing a pure hearted girl (Roxanne Simpson) to the serpent god. But their plan had failed when the Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) showed up and took her away. However, Blaze wasn’t able to arrive there on time before snakes were able to bite Roxanne and poison her. When Linda learned about the poison, she requested a cure from her father and went off to find Roxanne at the nearest hospital. Linda was lucky enough to reach Roxanne on time, before she would die. When she found out that Roxanne Simpson was connected to Johnny Blaze, Linda Littletrees’ hidden mission for her master came to plan. She revealed that she was one of Satan’s servants and was ordered to eliminate the Ghost Rider for her master.

A year prior to this event, she was an innocent young girl who was going to college far east of Arizona. When she reached her new school, she became friends with her roommate Jennifer Glatzer who read a lot of books in satanism. Linda Littletrees was aware of her new roommates hobby and read some books herself during her stay in college. Six months into her stay in college, Glatzer took her to a sacrificial altar for Satan not aware that she was the sacrifice of the night. She fought in her best way possible but without any success, she lost and became one of Satan’s eternal brides.

During a police chase, Johnny Blaze was running out of places to escape the police, until he was offered a way out by the Witch-Woman through a kaleidoscopic vortex. Unaware of the fact that she was a minion to Satan, he rode into the portal, and reached a cave where Witch-Woman attacked him with Hellfire and pinned him to the wall. After a long explanation to why she was after him and by being so distracted by her story, the Ghost Rider was free to escape Witch-Woman and ride off. This failure caused Satan to show up and punish Witch-Woman, ordering her to turn her powers against herself. Which she obeyed and luckily did not die from, but her body was left as an empty vessel.

A Woman Possessed!
Her body was found undamaged but by her family and was taken home. Her father analyzed her and concluded that she had lost her soul, her boyfriend Sam Silvercloud was  determined to get help for her. He tried by calling Daimon Hellstrom and asking him to fly towards Arizona to help Littletrees. However, during his flight, back at home Satan showed up and possessed Littletrees’ body and escaped to look for Johnny Blaze. In the middle of a rainy field, Witch-Woman had found Blaze and Roxanne Simpson. After numerous feuds with the law, Blaze ended up offering his soul to Satan again to end his troubles. Witch-Woman teleported herself and Blaze to Hell after a gang of motorcyclists had shown up to cause problems. Satan did not care for Simpson and left her with the bikers. In Hell, Satan left Littletrees’ body, freeing her from his mind control and ownership over her soul. Linda Littletrees and Johnny Blaze were both able to escape Hell thanks to the Son of Satan (Daimon Hellstrom).

Wheels on Fire
Once Johnny Blaze and Linda Littletrees were freed from Hell, they were left in the middle of nowhere in the desert by Hellstrom. Afraid to die of heat once the sun comes up, they had little time to learn how to create a motorcycle from hellfire. Because Littletrees was now freed from Satan’s control, she did not possess anymore hellfire herself, so she taught Blaze how to use his powers and he rode off to find help before the sun rise. Littletrees was left in the desert because she couldn’t ride on hellfire. It’s unknown how Linda Littletrees got out of the desert.

Truck Stop
Johnny Blaze is on the road, not caring where he’s going, his wife Roxanne Simpson is dead and he doesn’t know where his kids are. He decides to rest at a truck stop. In the diner, he meets Linda Littletrees behind the counter. He find out that Littletrees was married to Sam Silvercloud and moved out of the Apache reservation, but her marriage didn’t last and she got divorced. She had a son with her Sam Silvercloud. Littletrees was saying that her ex-husband was angry with her and had taken away their child, then came back to kill Linda Littletrees with his truck. Blaze saved Littletrees from almost dying from Silvercloud’s attack, and tried to stop him from hurting her again. He almost got run over himself, if it wasn’t for Witch-Woman to had shown her true colours and destroyed the truck with a might magic blast. It seems that Littletrees was offered her powers back again from Mephisto, ever since she had lost the bond between Satan and her, she felt lost and numb, not caring to lose her soul again. Blaze shot her down with his hellfire gun and called the Caretaker to take her in to save her or maybe turn her to their side.

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