Satan’s Servants

Satan's Servants

  • Aliases: Satanists, Knight in Satan’s Servide
  • Identity: Unknown
  • Occupation: Satanic motorcycle gang
  • Base of Operations: Between New York and Texas
  • Members: Curly Samuels, Animal, ex-Waxahachie Priest
  • Group Affiliation: None
  • Powers: None
  • Abilities: Street Fighting
  • Weapons: Knifes, Chains and pipes
  • First Appearance: Marvel Spotlight Vol. 1 No. 5, October 1972

Satan's Servants
Angels from Hell!
The servants of Satan are a gang of satanist motorcyclists who ride the night looking to cause trouble to anyone who crosses their path. They were humanly very muscular and very skilled with their motorcycles. They were originally lead by Curly Samuels (Crash Simpson) who was working for Satan and ordered to capture Johnny Blaze. Satan’s Servants were lead to the Ghost Rider to cause him trouble, but were intimidated by his powers. They tried a second attempt by trying to capture his love interest Roxanne Simpson first, but were defeated once again when the Ghost Rider appeared and were taken by the police.

However, in the following issue Johnny Blaze finds the gang members back in their hideout and not in jail. After all that chaos they created at Madison Square Garden motorcycle show.

“Hey, dig the crazy glowing helmet! What’s he doin’… Trying to win a beauty contest?!”

Satan's Servants
God don’t live on cell block D
Johnny Blaze encounters again Satan’s Servants when he breaks into a prison to find an ex-priest. Who could have had information on how to reach Zadkiel in Heaven. The priest had hired the motorcycle gang members to protect him from Zadkiel’s followers who were planning to kill him. The gang was aware of Satan’s defeat by Johnny Blaze and wanted revenge for their master, but were interrupted by Deacon and killed.

Primary Source

  • Marvel Spotlight Vol. 1 No. 6 – 7, (October – December 1972), Gary Friedrich
  • Ghost Rider Vol. 6 No. 24 – 25, (August – September 2008), Jason Aaron


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